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Sacred Journey Counseling


Individual Sessions

Psychotherapy sessions

Individual therapy is a collaborative process in which the client, with the guidance of his or her therapist, aims to facilitate change and improve quality of life. Therapy can help individuals confront behaviors and patterns that interfere with emotional and mental well-being, as well as increase positive feelings such as self-esteem, peace, courage, and compassion. Many people find enjoyment through the therapeutic journey of becoming more self-aware and moving towards self-actualization. The client will have the opportunity to set therapeutic goals at the beginning of the therapeutic relationship which will allow for visualization of the progress and growth.

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Couple/Partner Sessions

Two individuals regularly participating in sessions

Many times, people enter couples/partner counseling after a problem in the relationship has occurred. However, this need not be the case. Couples/Partner therapy can strengthen relationships and provide skills that will allow the relationship to navigate bumpy trails that may arise and offer an established therapeutic relationship to turn to in times of distress or trouble. If a problem has occurred and those in the relationship are experiencing stress and a disruption to their lives, it is not too late for help. With the benefit of having both partners in the room working together, counseling provides a comfortable, private, and non-judgmental setting for partners to examine and improve their relationship. At the beginning of the therapy, the clients and therapist will work together to set therapeutic goals for the couple's/partner's relationship to allow visualization of the progress and growth of the relationship.

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Group Sessions

Processing or Psychodrama Groups

Sacred Journey Counseling offers two types of group sessions - Processing and Psychodrama. Both types of group will consists of no more than 10 members.

Processing groups will meet regularly to discuss thematic topics which may include such issues as grief/loss, recovery, women's issues, couple's issues. Each group member will have the opportunity to speak in each group.

Psychodrama groups will meet regularly with a focus of each group member bringing their own personal issue to the group to be processed through Psychodrama and with the support of their fellow group members.

Please see the Upcoming Events tab for group opportunities.

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